Retreat FAQ

What is the nearest airport to The Farm?  Nashville, TN has the nearest airport. There will be a free shuttle from there directly to The Farm.

When is my retreat payment due? To hold your place payment in full must be received no later than May 15.

What is camping at The Farm like?  There is a large field near the Community Center where the retreat is being held. The field is surrounded by forest, you may camp in either the field or the forest. There are bathrooms with showers nearby, as well as spigots around the perimeter of the field for water. We are encouraging folks to bring their own tents and other supplies. If you are traveling by airplane or do not have access to a tent, , let us know, there may be extra tents or an extra place in someone else’s tent.

What are the private rooms like? The private rooms are single rooms within the homes of Farm community members. There are many options available, they vary in their proximity to the retreat site.

If I live close to The Farm can I commute to the retreat from home? Yes, when you pay your retreat fee ($100) let us know that you do not need accommodations.

Is there childcare available? Babes-in-arms are welcome at the retreat. If you have a child who is of crawling/talking age or older we are happy to help connect you with a local person who has agreed to help with childcare.

Can my family come along? Your family is welcome to camp with you, but they must be able to provide their own meals and daily entertainment. No pets, please.

I can’t make it to the retreat can I still be part of the revolution? YES!!! This retreat is just Phase One of the Revolution. In the future there will be MANY opportunities for involvement! Subscribe to our blog to receive the latest information. Like our page on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter or email us at

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