What’s in a name?

If you have been following Where’s My Midwife? through our short but fun filled life, you know how we got our name.  A quick refresher for those of you who weren’t around in the beginning, or don’t remember:  It was a volatile and emotional time for the women in our community (Wilmington, NC).  One day we had well-woman exams and prenatal appointments.  The next day we saw on the news our midwives had been fired.  The midwifery program at a local OBGYN’s office was dissolved, with no notice whatsoever to the women who depended upon that care. This left Wilmington with only one CNM practicing midwifery and working with the hospital. We were sad, scared, angry, defensive, confused…you name it, the emotion was there.  The news spread throughout our small town like wildfire and women began asking “Where’s my midwife?”  The name fit.  We painted our cars and picketed the hospital…you know the story.

So why now, twenty-one months later, when our beloved midwives have new jobs and our community gained two new CNMs,one with a home birth practice, does the name Where’s My Midwife? still fit?  The answer is simple.  We aim to educate women across the nation – across the world – so they know the benefits only midwifery care can offer, and they ask that question in their own communities. We do this for our sisters, neighbors, daughters and granddaughters.  We keep the name so the medical establishment will know we haven’t forgotten and never will forget. We believe midwifery care is an option that should be available to ALL women.