Where’s My Midwife? is a grassroots organization seeking to increase access to midwives in hospitals, free-standing birth centers and at home through education and advocacy.

Kirsti Kreutzer is a wife and mother, a filmmaker, and an ALACE trained doula.  She received a B.A. in Radio, Television, Motion Pictures from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1995, and spent the following 12 years working in the industry as everything from a production assistant to a boom operator to a casting agent to an actress.  After the birth of her daughter, Katherine, in 2005 she decided she had to spread the word about midwives.  Kirsti is the co-chapter leader for Women in the Center, a BirthNetwork National Chapter in Wilmington, NC.  She continues to use her filmmaking skills to educate the public about midwives and the amazing care they provide, and to help spread the word about the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative in her community.  Kirsti also serves as a consumer representative on the Board of Directors for the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC), and serves as a member of the Leadership Committee for the Coalition to Improve Maternity Services (CIMS).   kirsti@wheresmymidwife.org

Anna Van Wagoner loves using creativity to explore birth issues. She has been known to give birth on street corners, use pregnant bellies to make bowls, and crochet a lemon shaped vulva that could birth a grapefruit. She studied theatre at The Evergreen State College and graduated with a BA in 1999. After many adventures in the technical side of the stage she focused her creative energy inward and became a mother. After her first child was born unintentionally, unassisted at home she became passionate about helping other women have empowering births. In 2005 she became a doula. Her first project in birth activism was re-creating the local professional organization for doulas, Cape Fear Area Doulas. She then went on the promote midwives, working with North Carolina Friends of Midwives as the local chapter leader. In her quest to promote normal birth she has also directed and acted in “Birth” by Karen Brody, organized screenings of The Business of Being Born, put together festivals, films, fundraisers, workshops, art exhibits, websites, protests, and countless information tables. Anna was a founding member of “Where’s My Midwife?” She now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah where she is obsessed with yoga and enjoys playing outside with her two girls.

mariaMaria Radonicich is a passionate advocate of the Midwives Model of Care.  She is mother to two – a boy and a girl.  Her family moved to Wilmington, NC when her son was four months old.   In planning her second pregnancy Maria sought a midwife.  She met with one of the midwives in a local practice and was excited about the prospect of giving birth to a child with her assistance.  Weeks after that meeting, that midwife lost her job, leaving Wilmington with only one other midwife.  Terrified of the thought of giving birth without the invaluable experience and care only a midwife can provide, Maria looked for a way to get involved.  She found Where’s My Midwife? and has been committed to making sure the women of her community have the option of having a midwife provide their care.  Maria now lives in rural Ontario, Canada and has brought her drive and enthusiasm with her.  maria@wheresmymidwife.org